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MegaCorp Logistics, LLC.Logistics Carrier / Customer Portal

MegaCorp Logistics, LLC. Customer and Carrier Web Portal

Welcome to MegaCorp Logistics, LLC.'s Web Portals designed to help our Customers and Carriers manage their transportation services.  For more information contact MegaCorp Logistics at info@megacorplogistics.com.


Our Customers

  • Track and monitor Shipments
  • Build Truckloads
  • View On-Demand Performance Reports
  • Manage your account
  • Access to your load Documents
  • Account Administration
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Our Carriers

  • View and Bid on Available Freight
  • Post your trucks
  • Check payments status
  • Update Load Email Alert settings
  • Update your profile
  • submit Load Documents

Our Factoring Companies

  • View Payment Status
  • Manage your account
  • Export Load Information
  • Access load Documents
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Introducing EFS

In our continued efforts to provide our carriers with the best service possible, we would like to introduce Electronic Fund Source LLC, also known as EFS. EFS is one of the most widely accepted corporate and electronic payment companies in the nation, recognized at over 14,000 truck stops across North America. EFS offers the latest technology to help carriers conveniently find the closest acceptance locations and quickly and easily access balances and retrieve authorization codes. MegaCorp values our carriers as a strategic partner contributing to our success and we continue to look out for their best interest both on and off the road. For further information please visit the EFS website at http://www.efsllc.com, or contact our MegaCorp Carrier Services Team at (910) 332-0820 Ext. 1234.